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Нет необходимости удалять другие патчи, перед установкого этого.

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Требуется 11 ГБ свободного места на жестком диске. Запустите установщик PES Professionals Patch V4 Install. Откройте папку с игрой, запустите селектор PES Professionals Patch Selector 2016. Еще один качественный патч под названием PES Professionals Patch 2018, где добавлено большое количество дополнительной графики. Которая в свою очередь делает вашу игру PES 2018 более привлекательной и улучшает её эстетический вид. Данный патч предназначен для тех кто играет на персональных компьютерах, патч подходит как для лицензионной версии игры, так и для пиратов. Установите PES Professionals Patch 2018 версию 2.

WinPes — официальное сообщество русскоязычных фанатов серии PES. Сайт имеет большую базу данных, новости, файлы, которые полностью направлены на развитие всей эко системы Pro Evolution Soccer.

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Весь материал на сайте распространяется почти бесплатно, скачать можно любые файлы и дополнения, все они представлены в ознакомительных целях. PES Professionals Patch 2018 Version 1 Released 6. Compatible with Datapack 1 and version 1. Credits: Hawke, zlac, Tunizizou, Geo-Craig, 4N63L_77, Txak, Goal, Kilay. InMortal tem bug na bundesliga. Could you make a selection for the Chamions League and Europa League friendly matches? Will there be additional teams, missing European coupes instead of those conceived by Konami?

It me Tinno help me out I got PES 2018 now,but have try all my possible best to download this patch on my system but I just don’t no how,just help me out okay thanks. Alguien sabe si tengo que eliminar los archivos de la carpeta save? Great work, but And the Brazilian squads? Give some attention to Brazilians who like the patch. Does this patch have Liverpool in the Champion’s League for Masters League? It’s a known bug for Konami.

Just delete your download directory in yourpes2018 with name “dt100e_x64. Is there any patch to help low end PC to play this game? There are no Team Formals in La Liga 1-2-3. Where did they all go. When you start the patch exe, press the settings button at the top of the screen. Then enable the crowd from there. For some reason the default setting is no crowds. Thank you PesPro team.

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I’ve been using your patches since PES2017 and it’s great to see you being first with a great patch for 2018. The patch looks nice but i think national team logos instead of flags isnt the best idea.

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It looks weird when crowd is holding flag with logo:D. Could you fix it or at least tell me what can i do to bring back flags? There’s no update files (version 1.

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For the game whatsoever, nor is it included in this mod – could someone please provide the update files and NOT JUST THE DATA PACK? After the patch whenever i try to load an image file like a manager image file or a team kit image file in edit the game crashes! I have always downloaded your patches. I am having the problem that there are no fans in the stadiums. I have already downloaded the file you suggested. I have also enabled the crowd in the selector and I have also deleted the crowd cpk inside the download folder and nothing has worked.

It’s not so nice to play without fans. Thanks for your work! I found a bug in italian serie B “AC Cesenaces instead AC Cesena”. Couldnt play online after applying the patch. Always ” could not find opponent”. Told steam to refres the game it redownloaded one small file and boom could play online again. It is a shame as the patch looked good.

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No one will reply to you! Because they can see our comments but not brave enough to reply with ” we had an error with online we will fix it in the next version”. So you you have to stay playing offline for now. How do I uninstall this patch if the other version come out? Cause it doesn’t have the uninstaller in my PES2018 folder.

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And Ricardo Rodríguez of A. This patch is great mate, but some fix would made it greatest. No fully Other European team, there’s still teams like PES United, ets. Please fix this, thank you for this great patch. Please change the emblems in national teams. Put back the flags. The emblems in the crowd are unreal. No real kits for Second divisions.

Mailbird Pro 2540 Patch License Key Full Version

No real kits for Liga Nos. Bugs in Serie B, emblems Palermo,Venezia and Parma are wrong. Torino FC in Serie A have emblem very bad positioned. About the crowd problem. I checked in that folder where this patch is installed and in there is file named crowd cpk and its only 81kb so this patch doesn’t even install crowd into the game. Had to install FireFox and suffer all the adds and clicking just to download this. But this one is worth it, good job! If you could include a *better gameplay* with this, that would be great.

Not a diehard fan of PES but i noticed player allways cut back then cross, and never shoot from 16yrd box, to much and fast damn tiki taka passing and backheels. Goal keepers are morons also. I tried making changes myself -dt18_x64. Cpk- but for some reason when i use the edited repacked file, it will not load my savegame and match. Can someone for the love of god make a good GAMEPLAY patch lol, Thanks anyway.

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I got the InMortal file but it doesn’t work with DLC1. The problem that i have now is. I can’t hear the ball soundno refree’s wisel sound in my pesany solution? And pleeeaasseee legend players, like Xavi, Pirlo, Puyol, Zanetti. Backup game files before any new patch. Mirror = same original maker links. Donate if you want to support us. Clear your browser cache if needed. Future updates are added in the same post for similar kits, faces and other mods. All text, images and trademarks added here are the intellectual property of their owners.

Professionals Patch is one alternative patch other than PTE Patch, PESGalaxy Patch and Smoke Patch. PESProfessionals Patch is made by modder from egypt so do not be surprised if inside PESProfessionals Patch added teams from Egyptian League and some Africa team. PESProfessionals Patch features more or less the same patch I mentioned above, so teams not yet fully licensed in Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 will have full licenses using PESProfessionals Patch 2017. One of the hallmarks of PESProfessionals Patch 2017 is its complete feature, for the size of a patch update of only 4 GB, PESProfessionals Patch 2017 is pretty good because it's equipped with Stadium Pack, so no need to bother downloading all Pack Stadium.

Full Bundesliga, Premier League, SkyBET, Serie-A, Serie-B, League 1, Eredivise, etc. Everything is full licensed including jersey, boots, player, and so on. Includes the latest DataPack updates. Fits with the latest KONAMI patch update.

Already including the season transfer update 2017/2018. Can be used for Steam & Non-Steam versions. It includes 41 stadiums with HD quality. Already added some adboards for some teams & stadiums. Already added national team track. Latest team updates & formats. Already added some missing team at UCL & UEL. Can disable replay & remove the audience via Selector, suitable for PC Low Spec. For steam users, make sure you backup pes2017. Usually PESProfessionals Patch will delete all three files so that the original PES 2017 (Steam) becomes a pirated version. Turn off antivirus first, then extract the file with WinRAR.

AIO before, no need previous version.

PES Professionals Patch 2018 версия 200 и 210

Exe as administrator and navigate to Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 installation location. If in the middle of freeze / freeze, wait a few minutes, the installation will run normally until finished. Do the same for update v4. Before opening the game PES 2017, you run first sider. Then open PES 2017 via Selector (run selector as admin as well).

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If only play offline, run with Offline Mode. If you are using the non-steam version of PES 2017 and want to add additional mods, make sure you change DLC in DpFileList Generator from DLC 3. To NO DLC, then generate again after adding mod.

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The image below can also be a guide to PES 2017 PES 201s 4. Allah, PESProfessionals Team, G-style, Mohamed Essam, Essam Mohammed, Mohamed Nader, MRI20, Wygno, Mohamed ElaRaby, Abdullah El-dbawy, Aly M. Elshaarawy, Abdallah El Ghamry, Mohamed Alahlawy, Shieka, Juce, Ronito.

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Of course already familiar with this one football game. Yes, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 or commonly called PES 2. Who is not familiar with this one football game? Of course the football lovers and gamers are familiar with this one game.