Battlefield 1 patch 1

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PS4, Xbox One, and PC players with the Premium Pass or Battlefield 1 Revolution now have access to new weapons, maps, gadgets, and more. Just a week after DICE and EA found there were some rather significant issues with Battlefield 1's PS4 Pro version, it appears the developers have released a patch that has fixed those issues. The new Battlefield 1 DLC expansion, In The Name Of The Tsar, is now LIVE.

Fixed so torpedo boats are immortal when spawned until player has entered them to prevent an exploit.

Shadow Of TheColossus

Fixed some vehicle tooltips appearing even after the player has left the vehicle. Behemoth overview HUD now displays broken weapons and turrets on all Behemoths.

patch gta sa

When in a Behemoth seat that is broken, you will now see an indicator for the repair progress. Fixed so all airplanes can deploy Emergency Repair for any damage amount. Fixed some aircraft being able to activate Emergency Repair despite not having it equipped. Aligned camera on beckers guns better with the ironsights. Added support to decouple passenger aiming from being affected by turning the vehicle. Improved visuals for zoom scope and bomb scope views in vehicles. Bomb sight and artillery aiming now uses the water surface to display range instead of the ocean floor.

Fix for a problem where ragdoll screams on velocity can start stuttering if a series of ragdoll impacts happen in succession. Fixed a bug where the gas alert VO would trigger in faulty situations and was heard too far and long. Fix for a VO issue where EoR could double-trigger when changing team after the first attempt. Fix for a crash related to switching from Atmos to non-Atmos too quickly.

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Adjusted engine sound behavior over terrain on motorcycles. Removed shell eject sounds for pieper carbine. Tweaked timings on BAR M1918 fire sound. Fixed phasing sound for the Fortress Gun.

Changed incoming sound for armored train artillery shell. Fixed issues where the Operations introduction music would start playing late on PS4 or Xbox One.

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Fixed a case where the music would not loop after finishing the last round in an Operation. Adjusted several subtitle timings. Added diagonal raycasts and tweaked calculations to improve indoor/outdoor detection. Fixed issues with first person Foley sounds playing when moving the camera in third person view in some vehicle. Fixed an issue where the loading music would carry on into the game and never stop.

сборка модов скайрим 18

Fixed an issue where quitting to menu and then starting a level would not stop the menu music. Turned off doppler effect on horses. Fixed issues with the underwater sound state getting stuck until player dies. Fixed timing on the deploy sound for Pieper M1893 and BAR M1918. PS4: Fixed an issue where the audio could stutter for high rate fire weapons. PS4: Fixed an issue where selecting reset audio would not reset the audio language. Improved server performance and bandwidth usage for airplanes. Improved handling of network jitter, packet loss and packets arriving in the wrong order.

Improve server performance of barbed wire objects in the levels. Added grenades to the high frequency updates to avoid problems with players taking damage from explosives before they visually detonated. Improved hit registration for airplanes, especially in close proximity dogfighting. Improved message if disconnected from server. Fixed match making issue for servers with no round time limit. Balance players based on their skill in the current game mode instead of global skill. Several server performance improvements. Improve server metrics for detecting networking problems of specific players.

Fixed issue where players were not being placed in the same squad when joining on friend that is in a full squad or not in a squad at all. Several fixes for common and uncommon server crashes. Horses no longer take damage from collisions with soldiers. Fixed the bullet tracer glow on stationary turrets in Fog of War.

Вышел первый патч для Battlefield 1

Fixed an issue where the airplane could get stuck in terrain. Fixed an issue on Young Men's Work where AI deployed from armored vehicles could see the player through terrain and keep firing. Several minor graphical fixes on all levels. Fixed several erroneous collision volumes on all maps (“invisible walls”). Fixed several floating objects on all levels.

Вышел первый патч для Battlefield 1

Fixed an issue in The Runner where AI would disappear when reaching the objective "Defend the Frontline. Fix for missing water in Carry your Friend. Removed delay on primary weapon after throwing a lure. Fixed AI walking through certain gates in Breakdown and Steel on Steel and opening them in the wrong direction.

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Removed the continue playing button when a chapter is completed. Fixed Wilson dangling in your face if you restarted the checkpoint during the finding the plane cut scene in Fall from Grace. Fixed alarms not getting deactivated when the speakers get destroyed.

Battlefield 1 110 patch notes for Nivelle Nights

Objective in beginning of Fall from Grace now only show once if the player load from checkpoint. Player is no longer allowed to back track after entering the trench area in Fall from Grace. Heavy Machine Gun on top of train cart in Hidden in Plain Sight now spawns properly. Fixed no objective appearing if loading into the last checkpoint in Steel on Steel, and fixed the player not getting an objective update if they entered Bess before the Return to tank objective. Fixed an issue in which jumping could break the enter AA gun animation in Friends in High Places. Fixed an issue where game objectives would show up with delay in pause menu.

Fixed a performance problem related to AI on Steel on Steel at Hill Top. Fixed crosshair would sometimes disappear when taking damage in the FT Tank.

Fix for player being unable to get on a horse if it's blocked by a wall. Adjusted barbwire material to allow AI see-through/shoot-through behavior. Fixed issues where dialogue from inside the tank played on the player’s position while being outside the tank in Steel on Steel. Fixed hit indicator being in the incorrect position when in scope view while flying airplanes.

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Fix for AI going out of combat if they don't see the player for a while even if the player is damaging them. Fix for rare cases of the AI not seeing the player if the player is on a horse.

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Fix for a crash that could occur if playing SP for a long time. Fix for no visual effect when shooting after the player interrupts tank repair. Fixed occasional glitch with ammo display when picking up a weapon from an AI on Hidden in Plain Sight.

Battlefield 1 patch 102 fixes a bunch of crashes and connection issues

Fixed an issue where AI tanks would not engage the player in Steel on Steel. Fixed an issue where AI soldiers in Fog of War's artillery base would fall through the wooden tower. Xbox One: Fixed crash that could occur when driving the tank. Fix for one common and one uncommon client crash. Fixed a potential soft freeze in single player campaign connected to AI. Fixed an issue where players experienced getting stuck in the globe screen when cancelling matchmaking. Fixed an issue when trying to join multiple servers. Fixed an issue where players experienced weapon skins not being removed when scrapping items.

Fixed an issue where players were missing “The Insider” Dog Tag. Tweaked calculations of values in End of Round. Fixed issue where Class Rank was incorrect. Note: This fix may result in players going down in Class Rank to the correct rank. In this scenario, any unlocks purchased at a higher and incorrect rank will not be lost. PC: Fixed an occasional crash when a user shutdown the game. PC: Fixed an issue where players experienced troubles with A and X button functionality on PC while using an Xbox One controller.

PC: Fixed an issue where players experienced crashing while closing the client during streaming installation. Xbox One: Fix for the "Trench Raider" Dog Tag not unlocking on Xbox One. Fixed two issues in the “Through Mud and Blood” War Story where no new objectives would appear. Fixed an issue where players experienced wrong info in loading screen. Fixed an issue where players were missing the Dog Tag counter. Fixed an issue where English text would appear for players in non-English regions. Fixed an issue where players experienced a placeholder image when opening the Operations menu for the first time.

PC: Fixed an issue where players were missing an option to display controller button prompts. Fixed an issue where players experienced End of Round screen not loading. Fixed a crash related to soldier animation. Fixed a graphical glitch when exiting a War Story and going to the main menu.

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Fixed an issue where players experienced player icon overlapping while matchmaking on console. PC: Temporal anti-aliasing is now the default anti-aliasing mode on medium graphics quality.

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PC: Fix for a graphical issue causing artifacts in shadows. If this Patch wont make the Game "better" Ill de-install. So many WTF Moments, I cant stand it anymore. Yesterday I died 5 Times in a Single Game out of no-where, without being shot. One Time being on a +30 Streak. Example: Monte Grappa, the Enemy Airship is being shot down and parts of it Structure lay on FLAG D or B on the Mountain, I move through it and die by "Accident". Throwing a Tank Grenade over an AAA Gun, Insta Death.

I start hating this Game, BF4 is so much better. Looks like a great update. Squad support landship could be overpowered now, but can't wait to try it again and thank god with the long range shotguns.